The Italian leaders in the refrigeration field: Fiocchetti refrigerators and freezers are known for their reliability and safety for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, research centres and blood transfusion centres, internationally.

Fiocchetti refrigerators and freezers are stylish, complete, functional. You can tell it’s a Fiocchetti at first sight. The extensive range of units and accessories provide the flexibility to match any customer requirements.

Professional refrigerators, available in 1 or 2 range settings, designed and developed to store at the best sanitary and biological thermosensitive products which need an accurate control of the storage temperature. This new Fiocchetti’s range is available either with ECT-F thermostat or with ECT-TOUCH controller. All equipment has an attractive and stylish design and the enhanced performances have improved the storage of medical products.

Available in a wide range of dimensions and capacities, all Fiocchetti’s professional upright or chest freezers cover a wide range of temperatures from -10°C to -86°C. Because of this Fiocchetti’s freezers can be adapted to various applications in the medical-scientific field and they are compliant to the most restrictive international laws.

Fiocchetti’s range of double temperature equipment featuring two independent compartments (each one monitored by its own controller), cooling units and available in a wide range of capacities, varying from 280 to 700 litres (refrigerator and freezer compartment have the same capacity). All models are available either with ECT-F thermostat or with ECT-TOUCH controller.

Fiocchetti ice makers are the most suitable to be used for a continuous and professional use thanks to the strong construction, the high quality components, the safe ice production and the accurate testing. Available in cube or flake version, air or water cooled and with a different daily production.

Developed for the transport of medicines, vaccines and temperature controlled products, Fiocchetti’s Portable Refrigerators adequately answer the most various requirements, taking advantage of continuous power supply (for the installation on ambulances and on cars) or of alternate current. Compactness, handiness and high insulation guarantee the top quality of the product and its outstanding performances.

A wide range of cold room units consisting of pre-assembled modular panel structure (“sandwich type”) developed to satisfy specific needs of space. The extremely easy installation, the wide modularity, the different refrigeration units and different temperature ranges, the choice of different heights and dimensions make this range extremely adaptable to different requests.


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