Vascular Technology Inc.

Vascular Technology Inc.


Vascular Technology Inc. is a leading diversified medical equipment firm specialising in the development, manufacture, and sale of surgical devices such as Intraoperative Doppler Systems, Oxygen Monitors, and Surgical Suction Devices — all specific to the critical care areas of hospitals including Microvascular Surgery, Urology, Vascular Surgery, and GI Endoscopic specialties.

Surgeons who have a need to interrogate larger vessels in general and vascular surgery procedures use the 8 MHz Surgical Doppler System. This audio blood flow detector allows for real-time, intraoperative assessment of vessels in a wide variety of surgical specialties.

Disposable Doppler Probes: VTI’s single patient use Doppler Probes are ready to verify technical results, even in your most challenging cases. It’s an advantage that’s usually unattainable with common transcutaneous Doppler devices.

Surgical Procedures

  • A/V Fistula
  • A/V Shunt
  • Bypass Graft
  • Carotid Endarterectomy

Doppler Uses

  • Determines patency of fistula, shunt, or vessel
  • Verifies technical results of anastamoses
  • Locates grafts and obscured vessels embedded in scar tissue

The VTI 8 MHz Doppler System’s powerful operating frequency delivers a signal depth suitable for both transcutaneous and intraoperative applications.

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